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Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees for Sale

Rainbow Trees for Sale.  The Rainbow Eucalyptus Degulpta Tree has been known survive zone 8 because there are reports of it doing so.  However, it is an evergreen and to be on the safe side grow it outdoors in zone 9 and above.  Grown as bonsai or porch plant that should be taken indoors in zones 8 and below.  Order now and have your rainbow tree shipped to your door.  We have several videos on our YouTube Channel (My Garden Channel) https://www.youtube.com/firstclassgardens to educate you more on Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees.  They are fast growing and it is common for them to grow 3 to 6 feet a year!

First of all, Rainbow Tree Seedlings can be a great way to save a little money and start as a bonsai or as a small sapling to grow and prune as it gets bigger.  Furthermore, they are aggressive when they are young and are very easy to maintain.  Our rainbow tree seedlings are ready to explode in growth for you.  Fed with the best stuff on earth so that roots are established.  Therefore, you will find when you plant your rainbow seedling it will grow up to 5 feet the first year due to how late you purchase it in the growing season could change those results.  https://rainbowtrees.us/product-category/rainbow-tree-seedlings-for-sale/

Rainbow Trees for Sale

Here is the link for mature Rainbow Trees because some will want established trees.  These rainbows will be trimmed to fit inside a box for shipping.  They will have mature, established roots and could grow 6-10′ feet in the first year.  https://rainbowtrees.us/product-category/rainbow-trees/

My Garden Channel has more helpful content on Rainbow Trees along with many other gardening information.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

How tall do Rainbow Eucalyptus trees grow?

Alternately known as the Mindanao gum, the rainbow eucalyptus grows fast—more than three feet per year—and can reach heights of more than 240 feet.

How fast does a Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree grow?

Rainbow trees on average 3-6′ feet per year.

Can I grow a Rainbow Tree?

Climates in USDA zones 9 and Above are most suitable. However, they can be grown for many years as a bonsai in colder areas. They will need to be brought indoors during times of frost.

Will frost damage my Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree?

Most likely it will damage it depending on how long it stays in the frost. The Eucalyptus Tree is an Evergreen and it is Tropical so the sap does not return to the roots in the Fall and Winter.

It does not go through dormancy. So the tender leaves and trunk cannot be exposed for long periods of freezing temperatures because it will eventually terminate the tree. For short periods of frost you will see some leaf damage.

Are Rainbow Trees real?

Yes— and they grows naturally in the Philippines and Hawaii. The Rainbow Eucalyptus tree is a naturally colorful tree that comes from the Philippines. When its bark peels, a technicolor display begins to form.

What is a Rainbow Tree?

photo of rainbow tree bark after it peels

A  Rainbow Eucalyptus tree is a colorful tree that is found in the Philippines within it’s natural habitat. When its bark peels, a technicolor display begins to form.

Why is the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree colorful?

Slowly over time the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree sheds it’s bark unveiling bright colorful stripes. Over more time that passes the bark continues to peel. Transitionally, with the combination of age and weather conditions the bark will have every color of the rainbow possible on display.


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