Arabica Coffee Plant


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Growing Arabica Coffee Plants indoors is surprisingly simple! With some water and light you can easily grow your own coffee! There are few things in life more exciting than growing, harvesting, roasting, and DRINKING your very own coffee. And it is an affordable way to enjoy organic, fresh, delicious coffee. You’ll love sharing and gifting your fresh roasted coffee beans with friends and family!

The Arabica Coffee plant is a gorgeous house plant with shiny, deep green leaves. White, jasmine scented flowers blanket your plant before becoming coffee cherries which are the fruit of the coffee plant. Each cherry produces 2 coffee bean and your plant can produce hundreds of cherries. The coffee fruit start out green and transition to red as they ripen over 9 months.

Coffee plants are natural air purifiers. So they offer the added bonus of cleaning the air in your home!

You will receive 1 Arabica Coffee Plant between 4-8″ inches tall. USPS Priority Shipping begins April, 2020


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